Our Partnerships make us unique

If your mission is to get more people from marginalised bacgkrounds into work… snap!
Charities and social enterprises are essential for helping people through a rough patch or ongoing challenges. However, connecting these employable but sometimes hesitant people with bosses who will recognise their potential and give them a shot is still a huge challenge.
We built the Bridge of Hope portal explicitly to solve that problem. And we can achieve so much more when we work together.

The case for partnership

Working alongside other organisations with shared values, parallel goals and complementary skillsets allows us to do so much more social good. We are looking to broaden our range of three types of partnerships:
Referral Partners
Charities or similar that work face-to-face with people facing barriers to employment because of their identity or history - they refer their service users to us for job searches.
Coalition Partners
Training businesses and non-profits that share our values and can provide targeted training and qualifications to help Bridge of Hope candidates become more employable.
Mission Partners
Organisations that share our mission to level the playing field for people from marginalised communities and improve their prospects for employment.

Become a Referral Partner

Our portal hosts thousands of live jobs from major inclusive employers. And it's completely free to use.
Our referral partners all provide incredible training and pastoral support to prepare their beneficiaries for the workplace. Once they’re employable and job-ready, we ask referral partners to guide their clients through registration on our site and the submission of a CV. They also provide ongoing support as candidates look for and find new career options, supporting them through the application and interview process.
The Government's 'Job Help' portal provides links to help you help candidates navigate their way back into employment, access additional skills training, manage their finances etc. It’s all completely free - and Referral Partners get a discount if they want to use us as a recruitment tool, too!​​

Diversity and Inclusion

It’s in our DNA - our team’s lived experience of marginalisation makes ED&I non-negotiable.

Employer commitment

For Referral Partners - people you place with us will never be turned away from a job because of their identity or life story.

New markets

For Skills Partners - immediate access to thousands of potential service-users who need a little more help to get into work.

Become a Coalition Partner

We’re much more than a jobs board – we’re growing as a careers portal by building relationships with major training and skills providers.
Partnering with us provides access to a rich seam of unrecognised, raw talent with limited resources but unlimited drive to overcome obstacles, learn new skills and forge themselves a new place in the workplace.
They’re exactly the sort of people you want participating in your programmes – exactly the sort of people you’re trying to help, whether it’s guidance into a specific career path or more generalised employability support.

Become a Mission Partner

There's so much more for us to accomplish, and we’re looking for partners who will help us make Bridge of Hope the number one resources for employers looking to diversify their recruitment.
That includes experts in Diversity and Inclusion to help us help employers open up their human resource departments, and funding bodies willing to invest in social-good projects like this as we work towards a self-sustaining business model.
We also need technological support to enrich the range of services we can offer, and engagement with trades bodies that can help us open up new industries to greater diversity and inclusion in their employment practices.
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Working with Bridge of Hope Careers has been a breath of fresh air! ​Having worked in recruitment supporting under-represented talent for the past five years, I’m glad to be a part of such a forward-thinking group of individuals and organisations.
Mohamed Koroma,
General Manager at EXTRO Creative
The team at Bridge of Hope Careers have shown an in-depth understanding of - and often personally experienced - the barriers faced by those we want to help, and it shows in the care that they take to ensure we can collectively help those who need it most.
Ted Blackwell,
Project Lead at Springboard
We have been looking for ways to connect with different talent pools, especially people who have been marginalised and left behind, so we are delighted to be partnering with Bridge of Hope Careers who are enabling us to reach ... diverse candidates who we would not have otherwise been able to meet and support into employment.
Stephanie Bishop
Emerging Careers Leader at The Direct Line Group

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