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Michael Corrigan


Passionate about change: changing the way in which employment opportunities are provided and to help people find meaningful and enjoyable work to change and transform their lives. Quality outcomes are the key drivers for us: to ensure positive results from our work.

Gina Bailey

Administration Manager

I have over thirty years proficiency in both PLC & SME office management and support the Bridge of Hope Careers team with meeting agendas and minuting, event organisation and reporting.

Chance Bleu-Montgomery

Partner Support Manager

I have dedicated my life to supporting system impacted people, and those who face barriers to employment. My passion comes from my past experiences of hardship, which is what has made me as resilient as those we support. My job is to support referral partners in their mission to get their talented candidates into meaningful employment.

James Thomas

Head of Employment Services

Since 2001, I've successfully built two international employment businesses from start-up while embracing technology to create innovative jobs-board. I bring my vast experience of recruitment operations & business development to build & integrate multi-cultured teams of diverse talent.

Page Mitchell

Digital Lead

​I am passionate about being a part of a catalyst for change in creating an inclusive and diverse workforce where everyone from different backgrounds and different walks of life feel happy and valued at work.

Amber Kenneally

Inclusive Resourcing Services Consultant

​Every person deserves the same opportunities to excel in life, no matter who they are or what background they’ve come from. Working with Bridge Of Hope Careers has helped me help others, proving there is still good in the world and through previous experiences, together, we will make it. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending my time outdoors in nature, being with those who are important to me...

James Fellowes

Co-Founder/Head of Partnerships

In 2018 I was made redundant for the fifth time in 8 years. It was then that I had an epiphany: to leave the corporate world to try and change the world! I co-founded Bridge of Hope Careers to create the missing link between ‘untapped talent’ and inclusive employers seeking to expand their talent pool. I'm a proud dad of three, unshakable optimist and an obsessive wild swimmer.

Dmytro Vilhaniuk

Sales & Recruitment Consultant

I am a Ukrainian professional, based in London. I am passionate about engaging Ukrainian candidates; supporting them with career consultation and their job searching strategy, and finding companies keen to employ their amazing talents. My experience in Business Processes Development, HR, training delivery and my knowledge of psychological first aid and counselling techniques are invaluable in my work.