Having a job changes everything

When we're young, we dream big. Astronaut, ballet dancer, doctor, England captain.

No child imagines being unemployed - without purpose, income or reason to get up in the morning. But far too many grow up into that reality.

A job is rocket-fuel for self-worth; a job provides for families to flourish. And the more of us who are in meaningful work, the better it is for the economy, too. But what if you're ready to launch and just can't achieve ignition?

Bridge of Hope Careers team knows first-hand how soul-destroying it is to be unemployed.

We also know that hundreds of thousands of people are overlooked for employment because of their identity or history. We're talking about age (youth and experience), race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, sex or gender identity, time out as a parent or carer, service in the military, disability, neurodiversity, previous homelessness, a past history of addiction or mental ill-health, or a criminal record​.

That's wrong and an oversight, because we're also talking about people who can bring unparalleled grit and resilience, loyalty, creativity, and employability into the workplace.

Fortunately, employers are waking up to this. And we're here to kick them out of bed.

Our mission: Bridging the gap

Before the pandemic, the UK was experiencing record-high employment figures, yet, hundreds of thousands of people were still marginalised from the workforce. Covid-19 has only made things worse for these overlooked workers.​

We came onto this playing field to level it

We are innovative, inclusive, energetic, resourceful and determined. And we won't rest until NO business in the UK can say that inclusive employment is "too difficult".​

Our team

James Thomas

Head of Employment Services

James Fellowes

Co-Founder/Head of Partnerships

Dmytro Vilhaniuk

Sales & Recruitment Consultant

Chance Bleu-Montgomery

Partner Support Manager