A life at sea - and much more

Throughout the course of history, a life at sea has always attracted those with a taste for travel and adventure. But there are plenty of other reasons to consider a challenging and wide-ranging career with the Royal Navy.

The Royal Navy is, first and foremost, a fighting force. Serving alongside Britain’s allies in conflicts around the world, it also vitally protects UK ports, fishing grounds and merchant ships, helping to combat international smuggling, terrorism and piracy. Increasingly, its 30,000 personnel are involved in humanitarian and relief missions; situations where their skills, discipline and resourcefulness make a real difference to people’s lives.

A job in the Naval Service means adventure, camaraderie – and lifelong prospects. Every day you make a difference. And no two days are the same. You could be policing the world's oceans, delivering humanitarian aid when natural or man-made disasters strike. Or you could be deployed in combat. No matter what job you do, you'll be a key part in operations around the world. Are you ready to go places?


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