Think a career in tech isn’t an option?

We are here to prove you wrong!

The Technology industry is booming across the UK right now, and with tech roles making up around 15% of all job vacancies across the UK, this sector is alive with career potential. 

It is an increasingly diverse and vibrant sector, entered into by people from many backgrounds – not just the traditional computer science graduate - We keep diversity, equity and inclusion top of mind in everything we do.

We work with global brands to find people like you, with passion and aptitude. We create a path to develop your skills preparing you for a role in Tech, while supporting business growth and evolution.

Breaking into the career you dream of doesn't feel accessible for many. Talent Lab forges new paths into tech careers, based on aptitude and willingness, rather than opportunity or accessibility.

We know employees are happier and more productive when they're part of a diverse team, inclusive of many perspectives and experiences, so we're breaking down the barriers to make it easier for everybody.

We work with a range of leading client names to recruit people with a passion for all things technology, provide bespoke training fulfilling our clients' needs, and deploying our learners to roles with our clients.  In most cases, students will know the company offering a job at the end of training—paid training we might add!

In addition, we offer Skills Bootcamps, funded by the Department for Education, which provide fundamental knowledge in some of the most in demand IT skills, and offer career support helping secure their first paid role in tech, upon completion of the Bootcamp.

Talent Lab combines the strength of a global recruiter for major tech employers with a reputable, proven tech training academy. In fact, our employers submit the exact skills they are looking for and the training is built around that specific opportunity.  In summary Tech Skilling knows you need training, but your real aim is to launch your tech career. This program is all centered around the objective of getting you ready to hire into an actual jobat a great company.


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