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Religious Affairs Manager

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    Facility / Cleaning

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Job Description

Job objectives and responsibilities

· To manage the delivery of a comprehensive programme of worship and teaching opportunities for all faiths in line with contractual requirements, company and Home Office standards and detainee needs.

· Provide advice, coaching and support to staff in order to maximise the efficient and effective provision of religious affairs.

Main duties

  1. Coordinate and contribute to a comprehensive programme of religious activities, ensuring support by various faiths to meet the detainees' needs and contractual requirements.

  2. Manage the provision of worship and teaching opportunities in all faiths, including all necessary arrangements or protocols for emergency contact, ensuring detainees' needs and contractual requirements are met.

  3. Develop and maintain links with with outside faith communities so the support provided within the Centre is current, in line with best practice and caters for all faiths.

  4. Manage the provision of muti faith and dedicated faith areas ensuring an appropriate environment is provided.

  5. Coach and support staff development to maximise staff performance, motivation and contribution.

  6. Manage and monitor staff to ensure contractual obligations and company standards are met at all times.

  7. Manage the maintenance of a stock of appropriate religious literature and artefacts to allow detainees to fully discharge their commitment to their faith.

  8. Develop communications that share information on major religious festivals to be observed so that all stakeholders are informed.

  9. Manage and deliver pastoral care to detainees, staff and their families to assist in their safety, care and well being.

  10. Counsel detainees who request marriage whilst in custody and make any necessary arrangements for the wedding.

  11. Promote the services of the department and ensure the religious affairs team maintains a visible and accessible presence within the Centre, so that the services of the department are fully communicated and available to all detainees.

  12. Liaise with detainees' families, as required, to provide information and support.

Candidate Description

We're looking for people to create a brand new team based at our new Immigration Removal Centre (IRC), as part of our newly acquired contract. Individuals will have experience in relating to people that may be agitated or confused by their circumstances and are able to interact and assist potentially vulnerable individuals whilst in our care. Empathy and resilience are key attributes for this role.

You will be passionate about delivering a great service in a sensitive manner, along with good communication skills and a team player. The ability to remain calm under pressure and experience in problem solving would also be advantageous to developing your career within Care and Custody., · This is a specialist position requiring appropriate qualifications and experience of organising and leading religious services and a multifaith team., · Religious Studies Qualification of Level 3 or above: e.g. NVQ Level 3, A-Level, Advanced Apprenticeship, Applied General, AS Level, International Baccalaureate Diploma, Diplomas or Certificates at Level 3, · Models the company's commitment to detainee care and management

· Monitors and evaluates detainee care and management service delivery

· Interacts with detainees easily, quickly building rapport but maintaining professional distance

· Is impartial, fair, assertive, consistent and confident with detainees

· Treats detainees with respect as individuals and encourages detainees to do the same to others

Delivering Excellence

· Sets high personal standards as an example

· Explains the importance of delivering excellence and compliance with standards

· Monitors performance against standards

· Explicitly defines consequences of not achieving standards

· Encourages others to make improvements and strive for higher standards

· Maintains high professional standards


· Builds effective communication within a group or team

· Shapes communication to suit the audience/individual

· Presents ideas/information clearly, interestingly and enthusiastically

· Sensitive in communication, taking account of the possible thoughts, feelings and concerns of others

· Maintains eye contact when communicating

· Asks questions and probes to gain relevant information

· Summarises key relevant points

· Seeks clarification when necessary

· Listens to and carefully reads instructions and information

Safety, Diversity and Dignity

· Embraces inclusivity in all decisions, solutions and actions

· Ensures the implementation of policies relating to safety, dignity and diversity is carried out properly within the workplace

· Sets a positive example to others

· Addresses issues with staff who disregard safety, dignity or diversity

Planning & Organising

· Prepares clear and logical plans, breaking objective down into clear and manageable tasks

· Accurately estimates time scales and allocates resources

· Regularly reviews plan, monitors progress and adapts plan when necessary

· Manages meetings effectively

· Understands rationale

· Creates structured, time efficient environment with clear responsibilities

Change Orientation/Flexibility

· Identifies and articulates when and where change is necessary and beneficial

· Develops an effective action plan to introduce and implement change

· Recognises discomfort that change can bring and provides support

· Encourages new ideas and embraces change

· Seeks and explores suggestions for improvements fairly

· Monitors the ongoing implementation of change initiatives

· Works around obstacles that prevent completion of projects/initiatives

· Develops new or different approaches

· Regularly reviews methods of working

Leading, Valuing and Developing People

· Sets clear, challenging and realistic objectives with realistic timeframes and deadlines

· Regularly evaluates staff effectiveness

· Gives constructive feedback on performance

· Challenges poor performance and non-delivery constructively and fairly

· Sets aside time to discuss issues

· Understands the motivational needs and strengths of individuals and teams

· Recognises and acknowledges good work

· Ensures the team clearly understands roles and responsibilities


· Displays confidence and self-belief

· Knows when to adapt and compromise

· Expresses and generates commitment and enthusiasm

· Considers likely reactions of others and acts to address them when planning communication

· Maintains people's self-esteem in situations of disagreement or discussion

· Obtains support

· Relates suggested solutions to the needs of the listeners

· Focuses on the problem rather than personalities in a debate

· Deals with objections effectively

Interpersonal Skills

· Anticipates the way a team or individual will respond

· Manages emotion and humour to meet aims and objectives

· Manages opposition, hostility and stressful situations effectively

· Understands impact of own behaviour and style

· Perceptive and considered in approach to others

· Is aware of cultural and social factors that influence behaviour

· Maintains a sense of humour

Health and Safety responsibilities

· Follow Group and company policies and procedures at all times

· Adhere to agreed outreach methods and risk assessment to ensure own personal safety dealing with service users

· Report any apparent deficiencies in systems of work or equipment provided that may result in failure of service delivery or risk to health and safety or the environment

Employer Description

Mitie, Care & Custody are delighted to announce the opening of the 2nd only female Short Stay Immigration Removal Centre in the UK.

Our philosophy at Mitie is all about delivering brilliant service to the people in our care and creating great training, development, and career opportunities for the people we employ. We support our people every step of the way, developing your skills to professionally deliver this rewarding, sometimes challenging role with integrity and respect., At Mitie we know that 'our diversity makes us stronger'. We're committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where our people can thrive and be their best every day. We are very proud of our rich and diverse culture and backgrounds. Our diversity creates ideas and insights. Everyone at Mitie has a voice and is treated as an equal. We recognise the unique contributions that you can bring and our people and customers thrive when we get this right.