Your route back into work

Is the way employers see you getting in the way of work?

Perhaps you graduated or left school – or got made redundant from your first job – in the middle of the pandemic. Maybe you worked for decades, took redundancy in your fifties and now can’t get started again.

Do you have a physical or learning disability? No fixed address? Does your CV have a career gap caused by something in your past – mental health problems, a prison sentence, a period of military service, or even just family time – that’s difficult to present positively on your application? Or have you just stumbled into old-fashioned racism?

Start your route back into work

You’re not alone

There are many tens of thousands of people just like you who find themselves on the margins in the job market. We think that’s wrong. People like you are often among the most resilient, capable, creative and loyal employees going, given the opportunity. 

We builtBRIDGEOFHOPE.CAREERSas a portal to help people like you get into / back into the workplace. And we’ve partnered with a rapidly growing number of major companies who understand that having a truly diverse and inclusive workforce is an asset, not a  liability. Companies like TescoBarclaysSecuritasand Charlie Bigham’sgo out of their way to advertise their vacancies on our portal.


Because they know they will get candidates from a much broader range of backgrounds and experiences than they might otherwise attract.

And that’s what they want.

People like you.

Your first steps on the portal

Of course, getting into regular work for the first time – or the first time in a while – can be daunting. That’s why a range of local and national charities have become Bridge of Hope referral partners, helping candidates get job-ready with smart CVs and confident interview technique. If you're already working withThe Prince's TrustWalking with the WoundedMindSt Mungo’sCentrepoint, or one of our many other charity partners, they've promised us they won't sign you up until you’re ready for employment.

Even then, you’re not on your own: many of them can continue supporting you for your first year back in work. Ask your charity support worker (if you have one) if that’s something they can do for you. Or get them to talk to us!

Whether you’re applying with the support of a charity, or you’ve found us on your own, the process is the same.Register at BRIDGEOFHOPE.CAREERS, upload your CV, and we’ll start sending you work opportunities that match your skills, interests and location. And you can apply with confidence, knowing that you'll be assessed purely on the strengths of your knowledge, experience and skills, not on how you look or complications in your past.​

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