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SRE Engineer | S2 | CTO Digital & Innovation

Job Description

Job Description

SRE Team is an integral part of Santander UK digital transformation. Our team defines the guidelines and best practices for that transformation, providing the tools and mechanisms needed for our development teams.

We focus in PaaS and Cloud platforms, supporting development teams with an end to end solution for their deployments. We are one of the core teams in Santander Technology and pride ourselves in our outstanding support, continuous innovation and solutions provided.

The difference you will make.

  • Helping with onboarding projects willing to use PaaS and Jenkins for their CI/CD.

  • Producing, reviewing and enforcing best practices for using PaaS, Jenkins and other build/deployment tools.

  • Contributing to the development of reusable Jenkins Docker image and script libraries that will be used by other projects.

  • Helping diagnose and solve issues when building/deploying onto OpenShift and potentially other Cloud platforms.

  • Developing and maintaining automation for our end to end solution.

Candidate Description

  • Have experience in IT Systems with strong Development and Operations skills and be familiar with AWS (Lambda, ECS, EKS)

  • Be strong in CI/CD model, with domain of Kubernetes, Jenkins and microservice architecture solutions

    It would also be nice for you to have.

  • Good Ansible and other scripting languages skills.

  • Be passionate about driving and leading change by creating practical solutions aligned to digital principles

  • Have strong communications skills to deliver clear solutions to both senior and to junior colleagues and be able to listen to and to question both senior and junior colleagues using proven people management and influencing skills

  • Be effective in a team environment and be willing to contribute to collective targets, collaborating with IT Business Unit colleagues to achieve successful delivery of projects or evolution of products, Accuracy and Attention to Detail (Working Knowledge), Agile Development (Working Knowledge), IT Quality Assurance (Working Knowledge), Requirements Analysis (Working Knowledge), Software Engineering (Working Knowledge), Software Integration Engineering (Working Knowledge), Software Product Design/Architecture (Working Knowledge), Software Product Management (Working Knowledge), Software Product Technical Knowledge (Working Knowledge), Software QA & Testing Tools (Working Knowledge)