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Senior Cloud Data Engineer | S4 | Cloud | Milton Keynes/Remote

Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced Senior Cloud Data Engineer to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing the required abilities to lead a workstream in the entire data lake lifecycle: maintaining or evolving the cloud data foundation (CDF) that supports the data lake, collaborating with other teams on the implementation & integration of different business cases into the CDF as well as ensuring that the best practices and principles described by the data reference architecture are landed and applied according to Santander standards.

The difference you'll make.

  • Leading a workstream in the entire data lake lifecycle from engineering perspective: data ingestion (batch or streaming), data storage, data processing & transformation.

  • Maintaining and evolving the CDF piece that supports the data lake in cloud.

  • Supporting the implementation and integration of use cases into the CDF: ensuring that the patterns and principles described by the reference architecture are followed.

  • Communicating & presenting the features of the CDF to educate & influence on the architectural designs and stakeholder decision-makings.

  • Making decisions about the tooling/technology choices or technical practices.

Candidate Description

  • Degree in software engineering, computer science or related field.

  • AWS certifications: Developer (Professional), Database (Speciality), Data Analytics (Speciality)

  • Extensive experience with big data framework such as Hadoop (Cloudera or any other distribution), the related tooling/systems Hive, HDFS, Spark, etc. and languages such as Python, Scala, etc.

  • Extensive experience with AWS services used for data ingestion (MSK, Kinesis, etc.), data storage (S3, DynamoDB, etc.), data transformation (Glue, EMR, etc.), data governance (Lake Formation, Glue Catalog, etc.) and consumption (analytics or operational)

  • Extensive experience with AWS-based cloud ecosystem, concepts & services.

  • Designing, implementing, and executing the Terraform/CloudFormation templates to deploy infrastructure into AWS.

    It would also be nice for you to have.

  • Experience in other tools such as Informatica for data governance or Snowflake for analytics.

  • Passion to learn and explore new technologies, do research and experimentation as well as propose new ways of solving problems.

Application Description

If there's anything we can do in the recruitment process to help you achieve your best, get in touch. Whether it's a copy of our application form in another format or additional assistance, we're available through telephone, email, or face to face. You can contact us at or call 0870 414 9080.