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Phone Shop Manager -

Job Description

Job Description

You will lead and motivate your team to communicate with our customers, offering expert sales advice and support to make sure that we sell them the best deal that meets their requirements, delivers unbeatable value, a great shopping experience and earns their lifetime loyalty.,

  • You will listen to customers and act on their feedback in a timely manner, following up on all complaints ensuring your team are clear on the role they play in improving the shopping experience based on customer feedback.

  • You will deliver a great shopping trip for customers every day, making sure your team are working effectively as per the Tesco operating model.

  • You will engage your team to deliver the best availability for customers throughout the day, spending time with the Stock and Admin manager to ensure that weekly RFID counts are completed.

  • You will encourage your team to be passionate about our products, and ensure that our product range is presented well, maintaining correct handling and storage routines.

  • You will create a first impression in your area for customers that you can be proud of, coaching your team to maintain shelf standards in the most efficient way, so customers can see and reach the product.

  • You will lead the service culture in your department, always role modelling helpful and friendly service behaviours and demonstrating your enthusiasm to do what is right for our customers.

  • You will actively control costs on your department and deliver your budgets, leading your team to minimise all aspects of waste and complete waste routines accurately.

  • You will work with the business to grow sales, ensuring the successful implementation of scheduled range and merchandising activities in your department.

  • You will engage your team to participate in bringing benefits to the local community, encouraging them to actively participate in our local community strategies.

You will need

  • You will make sure your team are trained and have the confidence to approach customers and give them unbeatable value by selling the right products at the right price.

  • You will work shoulder to shoulder with your team, your Area Manager and the management team to coach on what good looks like for the Phone Shop, working together to achieve shared success.

  • You will celebrate success with your team and have pride in their achievements, being a caring manager and treating everyone with respect, helping your team to make the difference for customers and staff.

Candidate Description

  • Interacting with People + Establishing relationships and maintaining contacts with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

  • Customer Focus + Understanding the needs of the internal or external customer and keeping them in mind when taking actions or making decisions.

  • Decision Making + Making decisions at the appropriate time, taking into account the needs of the situation, priorities, constraints and the availability of necessary information.

  • Teamwork + Working co-operatively (rather than competitively) with others to achieve a common goal.

Employer Description

We're proud to have an inclusive culture at Tesco where everyone is welcome and truly feels able to be themselves. Our aim is to attract and welcome a diverse range applicants from all walks of life to help improve and develop our team every day.

Tesco will only recruit individuals who have passed the school leavers age. To find out the school leavers age for your country please visit the following link;

Please note that we can only accept candidates over the age of 18 if the role requires working before 6am or after 10pm or involves working in areas such as the warehouse, beers, wines & spirits, counters, bakery and driving roles