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Job Description

Job Description

If you're highly professional with a forward-thinking approach, you'll love the buzz of our in-store Pharmacy. Even better, you'll also have the chance to get out and about in your local community to build rapport with your local NHS teams and raise the profile of our Pharmacies.

This is a role that will take plenty of passion and drive. A commitment to great customer service comes with the territory here at Asda. So for you, it will be about finding the right healthcare solutions for our customers to help become the most trusted Pharmacy in the local community.

As an Asda Pharmacist you will be required to deliver locally commissioned and national services that form part of the NHS funding framework - for example vaccines.

You'll be responsible for:

  • The day-to-day management of the Pharmacy, its commercial metrics and the colleagues working in it.

  • Providing an outstanding clinical service to our customers.

  • Identifying areas where we can improve our services.

  • Training, coaching and inspiring your colleagues.

Application Description

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