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Java Software Engineer

Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for Java Software engineers. As the Java Software Engineer, you will play a key role in developing and maintaining cloud-based solutions fit for low-latency, highly-available, machine learning solutions within AWS.

We are welcoming engineers at all levels.

Who you'll be working with:

The Technology Engineering Tribe works across all the business and customer facing Tribes and is part of our Engineering Chapter.Our mission is, "Be awesome at building and running technology".As a member of the cross-functional squad you will be contributing towards team objectives and key results for our business delivering platforms with the customer at the heart of its focus.

Also, as part of the Engineering Chapter, you will be working with Engineering Chapter Leads and other Software Engineers on adopting industry best practices in the Agile software development.

What you'll be doing:

*Produce and maintain clean Java code

*Work alongside a diverse team of highly talented engineers

*Contribute to application architecture - design and build

*Building & improving software and services through CI/CD pipelines

*Work closely with DevOps engineer(s) to agree on and apply best practices

*Stay on top of AWS offerings and taking advantage of new services if applicable

*Discuss and implement security protocols within software and services

Candidate Description

Direct Line Group has recently moved to a new Agile way of working and are looking for senior engineers to take on the role of Chapter Lead where they can practise their craft as well as mentor and support a squad of engineers with a servant leadership approach and mindset.If this is of interest to you please make sure to give examples of any people management experience, especially within an agile organisation, that you have in your application.

What you'll need:

*The ideal candidate takes pride in developing secure and robust systems. In order to contribute to our quickly evolving, fail-fast agile environment, the candidate should have:

*Understanding about developing low-latency/distributed enterprise applications in Java

*Understanding of the Spring Framework / Spring Boot

*Strong understanding of functional programming

*Understanding of agile processes and incremental delivery, translating high level ideas to stories (requirements gathering)

*Passionate about Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code

*Passionate about Test Driven Development

*Understanding of CI/CD

*Excellent communication skills

*Understanding of DevOps, Infrastructure as Code

*Understanding of different database technologies, their use cases and trade-offs e.g. SQL, NoSQL, etc.

Employer Description

Here at Direct Line Group, we recognise the importance of flexibility, not only in our personal lives but also in the way we work.

Our mixed model way of working offers a 'best of both worlds' approach combining the best parts of home and office-working, offering flexibility for everyone. We've ditched the daily commute for a virtual first approach.

If you do come into the office, there are exciting workspaces and zones you can use, depending on the type of work you are doing How much you'll be in the office depends on your role, and we'll consider the flexible working options that work best for you. Please get in touch with the team to discuss.