There are more than 7.8 billion people in the world. This means 7.8 billion unique ways of understanding, feeling and expressing oneself. At Santander, the things that make us different move us to come up with alternative solutions to our challenges. We’ve entered a decade where change is moving fast: digital transformation, climate change, the pandemic and new social movements. Many solutions that worked before won’t necessarily be useful in the years ahead.

That’s why Santander is also changing. Now is the time for new solutions that will keep our employees, customers, shareholders and communities moving forward in an increasingly complex world.

At Santander, diversity is a strategic driver of transformation. To innovate solutions to new challenges, we need the various points of view and experiences found at Grupo Santander. The more different we are, the more diverse our answers to society’s challenges can be. Therefore, we celebrate what makes each of us unique.

Nevertheless, while diversity in our organization is the basis for change, it is not enough to power the unique abilities each of us has. To apply and develop them, we must create an inclusive environment that makes everyone at Santander feel comfortable and realize their potential – a company that is #ThePlaceToBeYourself

Santander has diversity and inclusion at the top of its list to attract, train and retain the best employees; attain better, sustainable results; and contribute to a better future for everyone. Our programmes and initiatives have earned us recognition from Euro money magazine as the world's best bank for diversity and inclusion 2020as well as placement among the 10 leading companies in the world by the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

Making Santander a place where we can be ourselves is our unique way of doing more – and better – to help people and businesses all over the world prosper.


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