Gina Bailey
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Gina Bailey

Administration Manager

I have over thirty years proficiency in both PLC & SME office management and support the Bridge of Hope Careers team with meeting agendas and minuting, event organisation and reporting.

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Invisible Disability
Invisible Disability

​It has been estimated that around 80% of those living in the UK suffer from an invisible disability. Invisible disabilities are impairments that are not immediately physical visible. Unless an...

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What is Disability Pride Month?

​Disability Pride Month was originally formed as a result of “The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)” which was passed on July 26, 1990, to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilit...

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What Does Diversity Mean To YOU?

What Does Diversity Mean To YOU?​There is more to the world than seeing everything in black and white, sometimes, we forget to notice the shades of grey.To me, diversity is equality, different i...

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Love is Love - Pride Month

​Personal Rights In Defence And EducationIn this week’s blog, we are sharing our thoughts on LGBTQI+ Community and the importance of equality, human rights and being inclusive. We believe that as a...

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​Mental Health Awareness 2022: Stories of Loneliness

​Mental Health Awareness 2022: Stories of LonelinessHow to overcome loneliness found in COVID times to find a meaningful career​May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this year’s theme is ‘Lonel...

Bda Win 2022
Social mobility winners!

​Prosper4 and Bridge of Hope Careers are delighted, thrilled, chuffed and all-round cock-of-the-walk to have been Highly Commended for Social Mobility Initiative of the Year by the inaugural Britis...

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International Women's Day

​International Women's Day has been celebrated around the world since the early 1900s. It was created to bring attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abu...

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What if I don't have a CV?

A CV - or Resume - has been the go-to tool for employers and job-seekers for 500 years. But what if you're worried that your CV can be used against you? When you register with BRIDGEOFHOPE.CAREERS ...

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The business of changing lives

James Fellowes and Chance Bleu-Montgomery recently appeared on Matt Alder's Recruiting Futures Podcast.​In his interview with them, they discussed:Being in the business of changing livesInclusive r...

Nominated for Social Mobility

​British Diversity Awards 2022We are delighted and honoured to have been nominated in the 'Social Mobility Initiative of the Year' category for the inaugural British Diversity Awards.The awards pro...

Coalition Culture

Why we have a passion for partnership I'm Chance, Partnership Manager for the Bridge of Hope careers portal.I’ve been involved in the third sector for a few years in one way or other, initially as ...

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A Survivor's Guide to Employment

Another grim week for unemployment figures. Not wishing to brag, but I am a leading international expert in the field of unemployment. Not through any God-given talent, best-selling books or insigh...