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Prosper4 Group

Our Vision


Prosper 4 Group works to radically increase the number of marginalised communities employed in Britain. From working with many business leaders we have learned that one of the greatest issues they face is finding and keeping the staff they need. At Prosper 4 we aim to solve this problem by tapping into a fresh pool of talent.

The marginalised communities we work with are highly motivated, and often highly skilled. All they need to flourish is a chance at the right job and soon, the previously marginalised become integral, loyal and hardworking members of their new companies.

We want to help businesses gain access to this valuable talent. By engaging with people from wide and diverse backgrounds, we believe businesses can create a monumental impact on their operations and broader society. Prosper 4 Group helps employers to do exactly this.

Whether it is finding new staff which you can train on the job, or simply increasing your production capacity, the benefits of participating in inclusive employment are manifold.

It is with this conviction that a group of marginalised people founded Prosper 4. Our aim is to revolutionise recruitment, to make it more inclusive, diverse and equal, for anyone who has been discriminated against. We understand the problems such communities face and have developed solutions to solve them. We know that, for employees, employers and society, there is a substantial economic and social benefit to uplifting marginalised communities.

We don’t just advocate for change, we create it.

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