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Prosper4 Group works to radically increase the number of marginalised communities employed in Britain.

From working with many business leaders, we have learned that one of the greatest issues they face is finding and keeping the staff they need.

At Prosper4 we aim to solve this problem by tapping into a fresh pool of talent.

For example, we built this careers portal, Bridge of Hope Careers, to connect them directly with inclusive employers and recruiters. It's already made such an impact that it was awarded 'Highly Commended' for Social Mobility at the 2022 British Diversity Awards.

The people we support typically come from marginalised communities and are highly motivated; they're often highly skilled, too. All they need to flourish is a chance at the right job and soon, the previously marginalised become integral, loyal and hardworking members of their new organisations. And we know this first-hand - most of our team have lived experience of marginalisation because of something about their identity or history. Providing access to true equality of opportunity is what drives us - and it goes without saying we practice what we preach when it comes to expanding our own team.​

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