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Changing Lives

Changing Lives is a national charity dedicated to supporting people with the most complex needs to make meaningful and lasting improvements to their lives. Our reach extends to over 17,000 people each year. We aim to tackle the causes of social exclusion, not just the effects, so many of our interventions are designed to address underlying issues rather than just responding to crises. We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking organisation recognised at a local and national level, and regularly use our voice to shape national policy across our areas of expertise.

We began as a soup run supporting people who were homeless in the North East over 45 years ago, and are proud to still have our main base and central office in the North East. Since 1970, our services have grown and developed to support people experiencing a wide range of personal challenges including homelessness, addiction and recovery programmes, employment guidance, help for people in prison or on probation, and support for people experiencing sexual exploitation or domestic abuse.

We reach out into our communities to engage those at the very edge of society. Our dedicated employment teams help people who are unemployed to overcome barriers they may face and find work, escaping poverty and building a brighter future for themselves and their families.


Our services are delivered via 135+ projects across the North, Yorkshire and Midlands.

Our workforce is made up of 506 employees and 310 volunteers delivering services across our projects. Our work is also supported at times through student placements, work experience placements and apprenticeships. We are proud to position ourselves as an employer promoting the benefits of lived experience and actively encourage applications from this community to deepen our understanding of the challenges our service users face on a daily basis and the steps we can take to influence system change at national level and to improve our support to them.

20% of our workforce includes ‘experts by experience’, i.e. those who have past experience of our own or similar services. We work hard to maintain this figure and strongly believe that the insight this brings adds real depth to the design of our services. This approach also firmly aligns to our ethos to change lives by giving people opportunities with us to enter back into employment and to achieve fulfilment in the workplace.

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