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Love is Love - Pride Month

  • Publish Date: Posted 8 months ago
  • Author:by Amber Kenneally

Personal Rights In Defence And Education

In this week’s blog, we are sharing our thoughts on LGBTQI+ Community and the importance of equality, human rights and being inclusive. We believe that as a collective we can contribute to the consistent progress of everyone being treated equally, nevertheless there’s a road ahead of us that we must continue to play our part in to create lasting changes.

The most important day to date for the LGBTQI+ community is June 28th 1969 where personal rights started changing for the better. The Stonewall Riots took place in Manhattan where police raided a gay club, leading to six days of riots to follow. Just 2 years later, parades of people started protesting and rioting in Ottawa and Vancouver to fight for their rights! These riots started the ball rolling for equality as we know it today.

The pride flag was created at the end of the 1970’s by gay rights activist Gilbert Baker to be a symbol for LGBTQI+, with more flags introduced over time to symbolise individual groups within the community.

The Stonewall Riots started a catalyst for equal rights for those belonging to the LGBTQI+ community.

We are making change, but we still have more to do.

Both England and Wales, have been making steady progress in creating equality: in 2002 same-sex couples have been able to adopt, since December 2005 civil partnerships started taking place and the biggest progression in 2014 where same sex marriage becoming legalized, 45 years after the first riots. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, many countries do not celebrate Pride month; we are far from our goal of reaching peace with the world.

As a Human race with cannot evolve and move forward without accepting each other’s differences and embracing them. 

Love is pure, happy and untainted however that’s not the case for everyone where discrimination still plays a part in the lives of some LGBTQI+ lives. It’s heart-breaking that some individuals feel ‘lucky’ for the lack of discrimination and prejudice that they have experienced for loving someone compared to another individual. Imagine living life in fear, not knowing if you can go on dates, go on holiday, take a walk with your dog without having abuse hurled your way.

Stand Together Win Together 

Why should individuals get scolded for the way they feel about someone? No one should have to hide in the dark about who they are, we all preach about free speech, and freedom but where is the LGBTQI+ community’s? Where is the justice? We all need to unite and embrace each other’s differences, were not clones.

We are all just people

Here at Bridge of Hope Careers we strive each day to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality etc. We pride ourselves in caring about what is on the inside and being inclusive and we only work with inclusive employers who feel the same way.

Reach out and talk to us if you are looking for your next inclusive career opportunity