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What Does Diversity Mean To YOU?

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author:by Amber Kenneally

What Does Diversity Mean To YOU?


There is more to the world than seeing everything in black and white, sometimes, we forget to notice the shades of grey.

To me, diversity is equality, different individuals being able to come together despite ‘differences’ that society may deem to be taboo.

How boring would life be, if everything we saw was the same, same personality, same characteristics, same looks? Without embracing individuality, we are losing out on the colours of the world. Flowers bloom in different shapes and colours and need varied things to survive and flourish. Do we ever doubt that a cactus is not a flower, just because it doesn’t look/behave like a daffodil? Do these flowers stop being plants just because the roots are different?

As humans we have different norms that we abide by: beliefs, sexualities, cultures etc. If we took this away, we would no longer hold our individuality. We would never ask a daffodil to stop being a daffodil and stop watering it, hoping it would become a cactus, because we know that it would die. So why should we try and shape someone’s individuality just because we don’t understand or follow their beliefs and lifestyle?


Being different should never inflict shame and discrimination on an individual or stop them from experiencing diversity.

Refugee week covers 20th June to the 26th June. Refugees have been forced out of their countries (their homes) in order to escape from something: war, persecution or natural disasters. We have all heard the stories about what is happening in North Korea. The general population of the country has been stripped down to a bare canvas. There are no bright colours left to see. Take everyone away from the hostility and they are now liberated, the shackles have been removed and they can start living a happy life being free, and embracing everything life has to offer in full colour. In their world, there was no diversity, everything was just black and white. Being different should never inflict shame and discrimination on an individual or stop them from experiencing diversity.

If you are or know any asylum-seekers check out Risethey support and empower refugees and asylum-seekers.


The dissociation that comes from trauma is common but does not mean the impact it had will not travel with them for the rest of their lives.

A story from a young woman who has lived in a refugee camp in Holland. At the young age of five, she was taken from her home, ripped away from her father, the closest family she had ever known, to move far away to a country she had never been before with her Aunty. At this young age, she learned the hard truth about trust issues. During the seven years that she spent at the refugee camps in Holland, she was moved across the country on multiple occasions, learning that she couldn’t make friends, not knowing how long they would be in her camp, or how long she would be in that camp. Not only did she lose her home, father and a good childhood, she had her innocence taken from her in ways that are to cruel to imagine.


Recalling traumatizing moments in life, one sometimes forgets that the story they are telling in fact is their own.

Last month, we all celebrated and understood the importance of mental health. We all collaborated as a unit and rose awareness on how to help those in need. Then the big question arises: Why do men need a health week? Over hundreds of years men have been manipulated and indoctrinated into keeping their feelings hidden, not being able to talk about any issued they have going on. Brainwashed by society that feeling sad, lonely and depressed isn’t something they should feel. Through this conditioning, it is no surprise that men have difficulty going to the doctors when they feel something is wrong, why so many men commit suicide. 40% of men have stated that unless they have thoughts of self-harm or suicide, they will not seek any help. The biggest differences as humans is our gender, we all preach diversity and acceptance, then how have we let this happen?

We at Bridge of Hope Careers have collaborated with Andy’s Man Clubto encourage men to open up and speak about their mental health. Runs talking groups for men who have either been through a storm, are currently going through a storm or have a storm brewing in life.


It’s important to recognize that although an individual might take longer or a different approach, it doesn’t always mean the outcome is less even but in fact unique.

The learning disability sector is one of the fastest growing sectors within social care. As a result from increased demand there has been an increased difficulty to access the care. Learning disability week is a great opportunity to spread awareness for the millions of children and adults with learning disabilities and celebrate what they do for our community.

From the eyes of a gentleman who grown up with both physical and learning disabilities from a young child, has been categorized as incapable and different, being dissociated from society.

“I’ve always been told that there are so many things I can’t do, it’s something I’m used to, however I haven’t always felt in my heart that I couldn’t, it’s just about beating the odds” – Simon Nolan

But in actual fact, they are unique therefore they need to be recognised, so that we can understand them. There is no justice in hiding behind rose tinted glasses and treating them the same as an ‘ordinary’ they are different. Differently beautiful! Just because an individual has a different way of thinking , something that comes from a brain of an ‘ordinary’, couldn’t understand, does not make the way of thinking wrong. There is a reason why each person is classed as a individual.

When we die, we all have the same size coffin, same size plot.

Everyone should be able to live next to one another without discrimination and prejudice. You wouldn’t start oppressing someone for being different. Being humble, and giving everyone the same opportunities is so much more important in life than stepping on other people to make yourself feel better. Check out our Support Center for more helpful links.