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Liberate your talent pool as a Bridge of Hope partner

BRIDGEOFHOPE.CAREERS literally bridges the gap between inclusive employers seeking to expand their talent pool and charities and universities with untapped talent. Like you.

If you work for a support or rehabilitation charity, you’ll know how powerful your role is in helping people who’ve been through a rough patch or are living with ongoing challenges. You know what a difference a job or career makes for individuals’ sense of purpose and belonging. You understand that their lived experience and resilience make them excellent candidates for any employer with an ounce of imagination, and that there are many more such employers out there now than there used to be.

So, you pour hours into helping them build up their CV, deliver a firm handshake and put their best foot forward in an interview. But connecting these job-ready people with employers who will recognise their potential and give them a shot is still a huge challenge.

We can help you take them from rehabilitated to reintegrated.

Partner with us and give their job-hunting a boost

How the Portal Works

Our careers portal hosts thousands of live jobs from major inclusive employers looking to diversify their workforce.

For our referral partners

Bridge of Hope is operated by Prosper4 Group, a social enterprise driven by social impact, not profit. We are partnering with over 50 leading referral charities, including The Prince's TrustWalking with the WoundedMindSt Mungo’s and Centrepoint. To bring their exciting talent pools to employers, we’ve also partnered with Bullhorn and Volcanic,  leading suppliers of recruitment management software, to develop a unique and robust portal.

Our referral partners all provide training and support to help people prepare for the workplace. Each charity pledges to only represent employable, job-ready talent and to support candidates through their applications. We ask you to offer twelve months of aftercare for successful applicants, if possible.

You and your candidates can use the portal as much as you like, entirely free of charge. And now, thanks to our partnership with City & Guilds, referred candidates can access free training and certification for a growing range of skills (beginning with social care and construction) to support their applications. Other training partnerships are also in development.

Employers pay to post their jobs, and charities that engage consistently with our portal can expect a share of the profits. Plus, if you want to use it for recruitment yourself, we offer generous discounts.

For employers

We’re already working with businesses like TescoBarclaysSecuritas and Charlie Bigham’s, to help them find the diverse talent they’re looking for

To sign up, all we ask is that they commit to being an inclusive employer. As a BRIDGEOFHOPE.CAREERS subscriber, they can post as many vacancies and hire as many diverse employees as they wish. They pay one simple monthly or annual fee, based on their size and the number of users they need. This represents significant savings compared with traditional recruitment models. It’s not bad for their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, either.

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