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Expand your talent pool with the Bridge of Hope

The Bridge of Hope literally bridges the gap between marginalised, untapped talent with inclusive employers seeking to expand their talent pool. Like you.

Right now, tens of thousands of skilled, talented people face discrimination in the jobs market. It could be the colour of their skin, their age, inconvenient (or problematic) gaps in their CVs, difficulties in their personal life stories, or issues resulting from mental health challenges or neurodiversity.

Meanwhile, however, in this new era of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter, employers are realising that inclusivity in their workforce is imperative. But how do you find the diverse candidates you're looking for?

Simple: you sign up with us.

Diversify your recruitment with the Bridge of Hope

The case for inclusive employment

Being a truly inclusive employer is good business. Industry leaders like McKinsey and CoDeloitte and the CIPD  have all reported on the positive impact that diversity in recruitment can bring to levels of innovation, staff retention and the bottom line. Our candidates' rich lived experience can bring additional life skills and resilience to your team.

And let’s also be honest: recruiting from a more diverse talent pool perfectly demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility. In an increasingly socially and ethically aware market, that’s essential for customer engagement and investment. But it’s easier said than done.

How the portal works

For employers

To bring employers and these exciting talent pools together, we’ve partnered with Bullhorn and Volcanic, leading suppliers of recruitment management software, to develop a unique and robust portal. We have thousands of candidates with that sought-after lived experience and resilience – many of them recommended by leading charities or referred to us by Widening Participation universities. And we’re already working with businesses like Tesco, Barclays, Securitas and Charlie Bigham’s, to help them find the diverse talent they’re looking for. We’d love your company to be next.

To sign up, all we ask is that you commit to being an inclusive employer. As a Bridge of Hope subscriber, you can post as many vacancies as you like and hire as many talented and diverse employees as you wish. You pay just one simple monthly or annual fee, based on the size of your organisation and the number of users you need. This represents significant savings compared with traditional recruitment models. Jobseekers and referral partners pay no charge to use the portal.

You can also approach us directly for help with our skills-matching service, for which we will search our database of candidates for specific skills you are looking for.

Join us to widen your talent pool

For our referral partners

Bridge of Hope is a non-profit project, operated by Prosper4 Group and driven by social impact, not ROI. We are partnering with over 50 leading referral charities, including The Prince's Trust, Walking with the Wounded, Mind, St Mungo’s and Centrepoint, and they'll receive a share of the portal’s revenue.

Each charity pledges to only represent employable, job-ready talent and to support candidates through their applications. Many offer twelve months of aftercare for successful applicants, too. We’re also attracting interest from dozens of Widening Participation universities, women returning to work, groups representing people of colour, the over 50s, LGBTQ+ candidates and other overlooked talent.

Still not sure we’re right for you?

If you’re committed to diverse and inclusive recruitment but not sure how to proceed, a member of our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just book a call with us, and let's see how we can help.

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